Frequently asked questions

The TepeeLib payment solution

1. What happens if I lose my phone?

With the TepeeLib payment solution, your telephone will become a simple payment terminal. No malicious action is possible on your Account.

For your peace of mind, we have nonetheless undertaken several actions that will allow you to restrict access to your Account. From blocking your phone as a payment terminal to completely blocking your Account, a series of locks have been put in place by our technical support team.

Our customer service is available to help you with these procedures.

To recover your data, you simply need to download the TepeeLib application on your new smartphone. By identifying yourself, you will find all the functions and information contained on your old telephone.

2. Who can use the TeepeeLib payment solution?

To use the TepeeLib payment solution, you need to be a physical person who is at least 18 (eighteen) years old and legally capable, or a legal entity (business, association etc.) who is resident or licensed in a member state of the European Union or in a state party to the Agreement on the European Economic Area. You must also have a bank account.

3. My business is not in France – can I use the TeepeeLib payment solution?

You can use the TeepeeLib payment solution even if your business is not in France. However, it must be based in the European Economic Area, as should your bank.

4. How can I obtain the TeepeeLib payment solution?

You can download the application for free to your Android or Apple smartphone via the AppStore or PlayStore under the name “tepeelib”. It is also possible to register directly on our Tepeelib site.

5. Is there a minimum amount to carry out a payment with TeepeeLib?

You can carry out a payment if the amount of the transaction is greater than or equal to €1.

My account

6. Why must I provide supporting documents?

As with any payment company, the EMP CORP company that manages the TeepeeLib financial service is subject to European banking legislation. This legislation demands that users are verified, controlled and protected through careful verification of supporting documents, proving your identity as a physical person or a legal entity.

7. What supporting documents must I provide?

To be able to use TepeeLib, you will need to send to us for submission a colour copy of the following documents (scanned or photographed):

A proof of address less than 3 months old in the name of the beneficiary or the manager:
A utilities bill (electricity, gas, water), a landlord’s bill, a landline telephone or Internet bill, or a tax assessment or rent receipt.

For companies (simplified stock companies, limited liability companies etc.) and associations:
- An extract less than 3 months old from the trade register (Kbis) or receipt of declaration filed with the prefecture (associations)
- Copy of the signed statutes of the company or association, certified as true copies of the original by the manager

For freelancers (self-employed, licensed professionals, guesthouses, independent door-to-door vendors etc.)
Registration document proving your activity (SIREN number on the URSSAF site, business card, declaration of guest room with the prefecture etc.)

Proofs of valid identification of the beneficiary or manager:
Identity Card (front and back) or passport.

8. Where do I consult my list of transactions that have been carried out?

You will find the history of all your transactions that you have carried out since the beginning of your activity in your personal space under the heading History, available on your mobile application or on the TepeeLib site. You will find details of each transaction with their reference.

9. How do I know if my payment has been carried out?

Head to your personal space on the TepeeLib site and click on my account. There you will find all your payments made and their status.